Patient Success Stories : Patient Success Stories

Below are just a few examples of how Dr. Slosar has made a positive impact on the lives of his patients.

Quick Kudos

"Dr. Slosar, Hope all is well with you and your family. I just wanted to drop a note to update you on my progress. Last week, I played golf for the first time since the surgery, played well, but more importantly no pain. I am continuing with the training and rehab in New York and feeling stronger everyday. I can’t express the joy I feel that I have my life back, pain free. I haven’t felt this good in 15 years. Again, thanks to you and your team."

Warm personal regards,
Will S.

"Dr Slosar, I love your new site. But you didn't use me as one of your success stories!  Really, feel free to give my name to anyone who needs encouragement.  I feel my surgery was a great success, even though I am still recovering.  I am so much better now than I was before surgery, and even though I still have pain, it is finally controllable. You are a great doctor and I consider you to be my lifesaver.  Keep up the good work!"

Thanks, Pat W.

Full Stories


When Surgery can Really Make the Difference

Bobbi is a competitive tennis player who has made a remarkable recovery after a spinal fusion surgery. She is pain free and has recently taken up horseback riding. (watch the video...)



Minimally Invasive Surgery to the Rescue

Tony is a triathalete and firefighter. His story is a testimony to what is possible after minimally invasive spine surgery. (watch the video...)



Without Dr. Slosar none of this would be possible!

Following a car accident, Jennifer had a C5-C6 total disc replacement surgery and now reports that she's "never felt better!" (read more...)



From Back Pain to Pilates

For Kelly M., the past 20 years were spent in and out of pain, in chiropractor and doctors' offices and taking pain medications and injections. It all began with an injury she sustained on the Northern California farm she grew up on, where her family raised sheep, pigs and horses. When she was 14, Kelly was hit by a ram. Little did she know that her back would remain injured for a very long time. (read more...)



Long Distance Runner Regains his Stride

When Michael K. was a young boy, his Mother frequently told him to stand up straight. The self-described Catholic "altar boy kid" says even then his back would bother him from standing and kneeling in church, causing him to slouch or have to sit down. He remembers going to museums with his family and having to sit down to rest his back. (read more...)


Ed lifting

In the Gym and on the Ski Slopes after Successful Back and Neck Surgeries

Ed G. is a classic example of "old medicine" and "new medicine" treatment philosophies. After all, the 54-year-old has been a spine patient since he was 17. (read more...)



Carpenter Gets Back to Work and Water Skiing after Lumbar Fusion

Tom G. leads an active life personally and professionally. The owner of a successful construction business, he is no stranger to hard work that includes some strength and heavy lifting on occasion. One day about six years ago, it was the heavy lifting that changed his life… for awhile. (read more...)



New Bone Cement Technology Success for Retired Navy Pilot

80-year-old Marland T. has faced many challenges in his eventful life. The retired Navy pilot and former commander of the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk faced one of his biggest challenges recently when he slipped and fell, suffering a vertebral compression fracture. The otherwise healthy and active senior citizen was surprised to be suddenly bedridden by his fracture. (read more...)



Minimally Invasive Fusion Gets Police Officer Back to Patrol (and Skateboarding!)

It took Shannon K. more than half of his life to finally get rid of his back pain. The 35-year-old police officer, surfer and skateboarder spent many years desperately trying to find a solution to the debilitating pain that was affecting his everyday life. (read more...)